Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Victoria's Secret and Gap 8/20/13

Today I hit up Victoria's Secret to get my free pair of undies with the coupon I got in the mail. I also had a coupon for $10 off any purchase, which is awesome b/c a lot of times it is a $10 off any bra. So this coupon could have made for some more free stuff, but I actually needed a new bra, so I went ahead and used it on that. I ended up paying $20.77 for a bra and unders. Decent.

I also went a couple doors down to the Gap to make a return/exchange. I returned some jeans that were not awesome (which I instead bought the awesome pair on ebay), and a pack of lil boys undies because I decided they were overpriced and bought the ones at Target the other day instead.
In exchange I ended up grabbing this houndstooth dress for Penny that I fell in love with. I almost bought it once but since there was no discount or coupon to use on it, I figured I'd just go buy it online when I coupon code came out, but to my dismay it was not listed in the online store for some reason. So I ended up actually paying full price for this. I must have really liked it. I also picked up a cute t-shirt for Pen off the clearance rack for $4.99, a shirt for Yukon's first day of school outfit (It was 30% off, making it around $11), and a pair of jeans for Y and a pair for P because they were B1G1 half off. It's the Gap, so it still ended up costing a small mint, but at least I took advantage of deals that I could, and this is special stuff because it's first day of school outfits (me justifying an extravagant purchase).

Tomorrow I am going to try to work a deal on some Zyrtec that I badly need, from CVS.


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