Saturday, August 17, 2013

Target Trip 8/17/13

Today I went to Target and bought a stupid amount of pudding, and other things.

(2) packages of BIC razors (10 ct.) @ $2.99 - used $3/1 mfqs = FREE

(2) packs of Reynolds foil cupcake liners @ $1.07 - used $1/1 mfqs = .07 ea.

(12) Hunt's Snackpack puddings @ .80 - used .45/3 mfqs = .65 per 4 pk. (.16 per cup)

(1) Baby Shower greeting card @ 1.99 - used 15% Cartwheel = $1.69

(1) Box Post Alphabets cereal @ 2.00 - used $1.25 mfq = .75
 (this was not ringing up right at the register and the cashier asked if I knew how much it was, I couldn't totally remember but said I think it was around $2.50. I just looked at my receipt and it looks like she only charged me $2.00 for it! Thanks random Target cashier!)

(1) Cherokee girls dress @ $16.99 - used 15% Cartwheel = $14.44
(I had actually already bought this dress at full price previously, but returned it and re-bought it using the Cartwheel discount, b/c I am cheap like that).

(1) Box Up and Up nursing pads @ $6.79 - used $1/$3 Up and Up item Target Q = $5.79
(this was part of the gift for the baby shower I attended today)

(1) Pack of 3 Huggies wipes @ $5.69 - used 5% Cartwheel = $5.69
(this was part for me and part for baby shower gift)

(2) sets of Just One Year PJ sets from the clearance rack @ $10.48
(these sets have 2 pairs each, so that is 4 pairs of PJs, so basically about $5.24 for each pair! These are my fave jammies for the kids because of the price and quality)

(1) pack Disney little boy undies @ $11.99 (Ugh, paid full price for this, aside from my 5% for the red card, but by gosh the little dude really needed them and I didn't have much of a choice)

The prices above are before my 5% discount for using the Target Red Debit Card, so I saved even more!

I think my total before coupons and discounts was around $84.50. My total OOP was $70.04.
(I saved $3.51 with my Red Card)

Side note: When I first walked in and got a cart, I found a random little book of Target coupons in my cart (SCORE!). I didn't think any of them applied, but when I looked again after I'd already rang out, I found that $1/$3 Up and Up item coupon. Since I had bought those breast pads and knew I could've used the coupon, I just walked over to the Customer Service desk and told them I'd forgotten to use the coupon, and they gave me my $1 right there. So I just wanted to mention that in case any of you didn't know this was something you could do if you forget to use a coupon. In fact, the CS people have told me they will take forgotten coupons as late as the next day after your transaction. I'm pretty sure Kroger will also do this. Good to keep in mind!

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