Saturday, August 17, 2013

Target Trip 8/16/13

I went to Target 2 days in a row, so sue me.

(4) Circo girls leggings @ $7.00 ea. - used 15% Cartwheel = $5.10 ea.

(2) Men's Merona polo shirts @ $14.99 ea. - used 30% Cartwheel AND $3/$15 men's apparel Target mobile coupon = $5.49 ea.

(1) Life cereal @ $2.69 - used 5% Cartwheel = $2.55
Submitted a rebate on my Ibotta ap for .50, so final price is $2.05

(1) Gharadelli brownie mix @ $1.99
There was only one flavor at this price cut. Submitted Ibotta rebate for .75, final price is $1.24

(1) Box Snickers ice cream bars @ $2.00 - $1/1 mfq = $1.99

(1) 4 pk. of GE lightbulbs @ $2.24 - used 25% Cartwheel AND $2/1 Target catalina q = FREE+
So for this one, the Cartwheel ap brought the price down to $1.68, and then the $2 coupon still came off, so it actually looks like I may have made a .32 profit on this deal!

(1) Goody brand necklace @ $2.48 clearance.
(which I actually wear as headbands, and they are my faves)

(1) Room Essentials bath towel @ $3.50 - used 15% Cartwheel AND $2/1 Target coupon on my Shopkick ap = $1.27
Strangely, with this deal it looks like the mobile coupon came off first and then the Cartwheel discount came off the remaining $1.50 price. So it did the opposite of the lightbulb deal. I don't know if it was because the lightbulbs were an actual paper coupons, or if it had to do with the order in which I presented the ap coupons. This stuff is confusing sometimes, but whatever because cheap towel.

(1) Kid Made Modern paint brush set @ $5.99 - used $2/$5 craft supplies Target Q from website = $3.99

(1) Up and Up printer paper @ $3.50 - used 15% Cartwheel = $2.97
I had to get this for daughter's school supply list. Turns out there was a sheet of Target coupons inside the package as well! Wish I would have known because I could have used the $1/$3 Up and Up coupon for this item! Oh well.

(8) Mead Five Star folders @ .50 - used (4) $1/2 mfqs and (1) $1/2 Target q = FREE+
It looks like I made a $1 profit on this deal. I had originally had 10 folders and put 2 back, but didn't pull any of the coupons out, but seems like the all went through anyway, so score.

(1) 100 Baby Purees cookbook @ $3.06 clearance
I randomly found this on an end cap of clearance books near the electronics area. It said "online only"
on the price tag and listed original price as $11.99. So it seems like this was a return of an item bought online. I thought this was a crazy good deal seeing as I was going to a baby shower the next day. So I added this to my gift. It rang up wrong at the register and luckily I caught it and the cashier adjusted the price to the clearance price.

I also bought some random fruit snacks and Annie's brand items that were on sale and are always awesome to have at the house. Stuff for lunches (OMG I am about to have a kindergartener who needs to pack lunch). I won't list them all because I didn't use any coupons, but they were good deals, just take my word for it.

I think my final price was something like $98 before coupons and discounts, and I ended up paying $61.46 OOP with my Target Red Card.

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