Saturday, August 31, 2013

Target 8/31/13

I'm going to highlight some of the best deals I got tonight rather than everything I bought, because it was a lot of stuff, and I don't want to be here all night.:

Cherokee dress on clearance @ $3.60, used 25% Cartwheel = @2.70

2 sets of Just one Year pajamas (2 pjs per set) on clearance @ $4.48
These are 4th of July themed, but who cares, right?

(1) pack Hanes girls' undies on sale @ $6.49, used $1/1 Target coupon and 10% Cartwheel = $4.94

Market Pantry cookies @ $1.44, used $1/1 Taget mobile coupon and 5% Cartwheel = .41

Market Pantry grape juice @ $3.30, used $1/1 Target mobile coupon and 5% Cartwheel = $2.27

Honest Kids box of juices on sale @ $3, used .50/1 Target coupon from booklet = $2.50

Mission tortillas on sale @ $2.25, used .75/1 Shopkick coupon = $1.50

(2) Barilla Plus pasta @ $2.14 ea., used .75/1 Shopkick coupon and $1/2 mfq = $3.39, submitted for .75 Ibotta rebate = $2.64 for 2 (or $1.32 ea.)

Laura's Lean beef @$5.69, submitted for $1 Ibotta = $4.69

Dole frozen smoothies @ $1.77, used $1/1 mfq = .77

Snickers ice cream bars on sale @ $2.50, used $1/1 mfqs = $1.50

(2) Covergirl nail polish @ $2.99, used $2/2 Target mobile coupon and (2) $1.50/1 mfqs = .49 ea.

Up and Up Ibuprofen (very big bottle) on clearance @ $3.67

Up and Up trash bags on sale @ $8.49, used $1/1 Target mobile coupon and 5% Cartwheel = $7.11

Viva paper towels (8 ct.) on sale @ $12.49, used $1/1 Targ mobile coupon and 5% Cartwheel = $10.91

Scott TP (24 ct.) on sale @ $10.99, used $1/1 mfq, $1/1 Targ mobile coupon, and 10% Cartwheel = $7.99

Kleenex (4 ct.) on sale @ $5.49, used .50/1 mfq and 5% Cartwheel (but I just looked and for some reason the CW discount didn't come off!) = $4.99

Garden shovel on clearance @ $3.64

Band-aids @ $2.29, used .50 mfqs = $1.79 ea.
I buy these for stocking stuffers and gifts for my kids b/c they are band-aid obsessed.

(4) packs Up and Up crayons @ .25 ea., used $1/4 Target mobile coupon = FREE

Morning Star Farms burgers and chicken nuggets on sale @ $3 ea. used .75/1 Target coupon = $5.25 for both, submitted Ibotta "store extra" rebate

I also grabbed some awesome stuff from the Dollar Spot because all things with a black star on them were 50% off. I got some hanging pocket organizers (used one for P's hair thingies already and it is awesome).

In addition to all the awesome deals I already got with sales and coupons, a bunch of my items qualified for Ibotta rebates. Ibotta has some awesome bonuses right now to stack onto those. I got a $2 bonus for buying 2 Huggies items at the same time. I will get a $3 bonus for buying the Viva, Scott, and Kleenex at one time (once they fix a glitch that didn't allow my Scott rebate for some reason, and I am a large part of the way towards a $20 rebate for buying 10 items off a specific list.

I already received $6.25 from Ibotta for the rebates I submitted ;D I should have another, at least, $4 coming to me tomorrow when they fix the glitch.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My Friday Night

The kids went to grandma's house to spend the night, so I started tackling some cleaning, eventually ended up with so much dust flying that I was sneezing my head off. I had to head out to CVS to pick up that Zyrtec I neglected to buy last week.

Zyrtec 40 ct. is on sale for $15 this week.
When I swiped my card at the Magic Coupon Machine, I got a CVS coupon for $1.50 off any allergy meds!
I used a $5 mfq and $5 ECB.

OOP, I paid $4.48!

Then I picked up a free movie (Stoker...I'll tell you how it is) from RedBox using the code BREAKROOM, which I found on Coupon Dad. There was a guy ahead of me getting a DVD and I let him in on the secret code so he could get his movie for free too. Coupon karma points! (P.S. the code DVDNIGHT also worked for me a few days ago).

I was going to go to the gym and do my C25K run tonight, but instead I satiated a craving by picking up a Frosty at Wendy's for $1.59. No coupon, arg! I could have sworn I had some Wendy's coupons floating around my car somewhere, but alas, they were nowhere to be found.

Oh well, still a cheap night for this wild mom!

Target 8/29/13

(1) Cherokee blouse @ $10, used 25% Cartwheel = $7.50
(2) Cherokee shirts @$8, used 25% Cartwheel = $6 ea.
(2) Circo girls' leggings on sale @ $5, used 15% Cartwheel = $4.25 ea.
Used $3/$10 kids' clothes purchase Target mobile coupon = $28 for clothing (saved $8 w/coupons!)

(1) bag goldfish crackers @ $1.99
Not on sale, the boy made me buy them!

(1) box Simply Natural fruit twists @ $2.99, used 5% Cartwheel, and $1/1 Shopkick = $1.89

(1) pack Market Pantry fruit snacks on sale @ $1, used $1/1 Shopkick = FREE

(1) pack Juicy Juice boxes on sale @ $2.25

(1) Market Pantry lunchmeat @ on sale $2.39, used 5% Carwheel = $2.27

(1) Market Pantry bread @ $1.52, used 5% Cartwheel = $1.44

(1) Driscoll's raspberries @ on sale $2, used 5% Cartwheel, and submitted for .50 Ibotta rebate = $1.40

(1) bag grapes on sale @ $2.49

(1) Xhileration jersey sheet set on clearance @ $8.98, used 20% Cartwheel = $7.18
The Cartwheel coupon said it was not valid on clearance items, but surprise! it worked anyway. The same thing happened when I purchased some clearance clothes previously. So when in doubt, add the Cartwheel coupon anyway and hope for the best ;D

(2) packs of hair clip bows @ $5 ea., used B1G50% Shopkick = $3.25 ea.

(1) pack of 2 Scotch tape from dollar spot = $1

(2) packs of 2 silicone cupcake molds from dollar spot = $2
I keep seeing these used as a clever idea for holding individual snacks in bigger snack containers for lunchboxes and want to give it a try.

(2) pop-up organization boxes from dollar spot = $2

(1) measuring spoons from dollar spot = $1
my 2yo. son loves to play chef, so these are for him.

(2) Crayola coloring books from dollar spot = $2

My total before coupons, but after sale prices, was around $80
OOP, I paid $61.68 (and got my .50 back from Ibotta, so net total was $61.18)
(I saved $3.10 with my Red Card)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Target 8/23/13

I wanted to grab some freebies on the way home from work, and checked out a couple other deals too:

(1) 16 oz. Laura's Lean Beef @ $6.69, used $1/1 fresh meat product Target mobile coupon = $5.69
I had planned on using the $1 rebate on my Ibotta ap, but got home and realized I had bought the 96% lean instead of the 92% required for the rebate. Lesson in paying attention to the fine print!

(6) Gillette shave cream @ $1.97 each, used (2) $6/3 coupons = FREE

(1) Venus razor @ $5.99, used $3/1 mfq AND $3/1 Target Q (from newspaper) = FREE

(2) Scotch Duct Tape @ $1.50 (on an end cap), used (2) $1/1 mfqs = .50
I also added a Cartwheel deal for Scotch brand tapes that I thought would work with this and make the tape .20, but it didn't work for some reason. Oh well, still a good deal.

(1) Satin Care shave gel @ $1.99, used FREE coupon I got in the mail a while back, the register deducted $3.99= Better than FREE!!

(1) Up and Up Watercolor set @ $1.29, used 10% Cartwheel = $1.16

(2) Sterilite 66qt storage bin @ $9.99, used 10% Cartwheel = $8.99 ea.
(1) Sterilite little drawers storage @ $5.99, used 10% Cartwheel = $5.39
AND used $5/$25 mobile Target coupon = $18.37 for all three

(1) Room Essentials storage ottoman on sale @ $16, used 15% Cartwheel AND $2/$6 Room Essentials decor item Target mobile coupon (expired today) = $11.09

There was an awesome rack of 70% off kid's clothing clearance. This was at the Target close to my place of work, and they always have way more great clearance clothes than the one by my house. It's funny how different Targets are better to shop for different depts. They all have different things on clearance at different levels. I bought things for next season:

(1) Circo sundress @ $2.40
(1) Genuine tank @ $2.40
(1) Shaun White polo @ $3.00
(1) Cherokee tank top @ $2.10, used 25% Cherokee infant clothing Cartwheel = $1.57
(1) Cherokee tee shirt @ $1.80, used 25% Cherokee infant clothing Cartwheel = $1.35

So that is 5 items of clothing for $10.72

I saved $2.34 with my Red Card.

My total before coupons, but after sales, was around $70.
I paid OOP $48.13

Thursday, August 22, 2013

York Photo: Travel Mug for $8.99

My MIL requested a travel mug with the grandkids' pictures on it for her Birthday present. I searched out a good deal on one from York Photo (this link should tell you, but just in case, the code is "TRAVELING". The code brings the mug down to $3, and the shipping is $5.99.

Decent price for a personalized gift that grandparents will love.
Deal ends 8/31

Target 8/21/13

Have you noticed a theme here? I love Target...

So I got a hint on a good deal on kids' jeans thanks to My Frugal Adventures, and thought I'd check it out. In Target's ad it said that all jeans are B1G1 50% off this week. People were reporting that toddler jeans are also part of the deal (despite the fact that my store didn't have any signage in the toddler dept. for this). Turns out the rumors were true. So:

(2) pairs of toddler jeans @ $10 - B1G1 = $15, used 25% off Cherokee "infant" clothing on Cartwheel ap AND used $2/$6 kids' clothes purchase on Shopkick ap. = $4.63 each.

(1) pair of fodder boys' superhero sneakers on sale @ $13.00 (reg. $19.99), used 15% Cartwheel AND $2/$12.99 kid shoe purchase mobile Target coupon = $9.89

(1) Room Essentials pillow @ $4.04, used 15% Cartwheel and $2/1 on Shopkick = $1.74

(1) big bag peanut M&Ms on sale @ $2.66  (reg $3.19)
(1) big back mini M&Ms @ $2.99
(1) Snickers bar
Used 5% Cartwheel (for M&Ms and Snickers) AND $1.50/2 mfq AND B2G1 candy bar free peelie coupon I found on the M&Ms (deducted .79) = $3.85 for all 3 items

(1) big bag Reese's Pieces @ $2.89 (my son's choice of potty reward treats)

(1) bag of Texas Toast croutons @ $1.37

(1) 3 pack of squirt guns on clearance from Dollar Spot @ .50

(1) pack of alphabet stickers from dollar spot (470 stickers!) @ $1.00

Saved $1.62 with my Red Card.

Paid $30.37 OOP
My total before coupons (but after sale prices) was around $48.

Note: Again, one of my coupons would not scan at the register. It was the $2/$6 in kids' clothes purchase on my Shopkick ap. The cashier tried it 2x and it kept saying I didn't have enough items for the coupon (which I clearly did with those jeans I bought). So after I paid, I walked over to the customer service desk and asked the woman there if she had any idea why it wouldn't scan. She scanned it herself and BAM it worked just fine. So weird. But whatever, it was worth $2 to walk a few feet over there and ask about it. I am starting to become pretty good friends with the customer service people...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Victoria's Secret and Gap 8/20/13

Today I hit up Victoria's Secret to get my free pair of undies with the coupon I got in the mail. I also had a coupon for $10 off any purchase, which is awesome b/c a lot of times it is a $10 off any bra. So this coupon could have made for some more free stuff, but I actually needed a new bra, so I went ahead and used it on that. I ended up paying $20.77 for a bra and unders. Decent.

I also went a couple doors down to the Gap to make a return/exchange. I returned some jeans that were not awesome (which I instead bought the awesome pair on ebay), and a pack of lil boys undies because I decided they were overpriced and bought the ones at Target the other day instead.
In exchange I ended up grabbing this houndstooth dress for Penny that I fell in love with. I almost bought it once but since there was no discount or coupon to use on it, I figured I'd just go buy it online when I coupon code came out, but to my dismay it was not listed in the online store for some reason. So I ended up actually paying full price for this. I must have really liked it. I also picked up a cute t-shirt for Pen off the clearance rack for $4.99, a shirt for Yukon's first day of school outfit (It was 30% off, making it around $11), and a pair of jeans for Y and a pair for P because they were B1G1 half off. It's the Gap, so it still ended up costing a small mint, but at least I took advantage of deals that I could, and this is special stuff because it's first day of school outfits (me justifying an extravagant purchase).

Tomorrow I am going to try to work a deal on some Zyrtec that I badly need, from CVS.