Thursday, August 22, 2013

Target 8/21/13

Have you noticed a theme here? I love Target...

So I got a hint on a good deal on kids' jeans thanks to My Frugal Adventures, and thought I'd check it out. In Target's ad it said that all jeans are B1G1 50% off this week. People were reporting that toddler jeans are also part of the deal (despite the fact that my store didn't have any signage in the toddler dept. for this). Turns out the rumors were true. So:

(2) pairs of toddler jeans @ $10 - B1G1 = $15, used 25% off Cherokee "infant" clothing on Cartwheel ap AND used $2/$6 kids' clothes purchase on Shopkick ap. = $4.63 each.

(1) pair of fodder boys' superhero sneakers on sale @ $13.00 (reg. $19.99), used 15% Cartwheel AND $2/$12.99 kid shoe purchase mobile Target coupon = $9.89

(1) Room Essentials pillow @ $4.04, used 15% Cartwheel and $2/1 on Shopkick = $1.74

(1) big bag peanut M&Ms on sale @ $2.66  (reg $3.19)
(1) big back mini M&Ms @ $2.99
(1) Snickers bar
Used 5% Cartwheel (for M&Ms and Snickers) AND $1.50/2 mfq AND B2G1 candy bar free peelie coupon I found on the M&Ms (deducted .79) = $3.85 for all 3 items

(1) big bag Reese's Pieces @ $2.89 (my son's choice of potty reward treats)

(1) bag of Texas Toast croutons @ $1.37

(1) 3 pack of squirt guns on clearance from Dollar Spot @ .50

(1) pack of alphabet stickers from dollar spot (470 stickers!) @ $1.00

Saved $1.62 with my Red Card.

Paid $30.37 OOP
My total before coupons (but after sale prices) was around $48.

Note: Again, one of my coupons would not scan at the register. It was the $2/$6 in kids' clothes purchase on my Shopkick ap. The cashier tried it 2x and it kept saying I didn't have enough items for the coupon (which I clearly did with those jeans I bought). So after I paid, I walked over to the customer service desk and asked the woman there if she had any idea why it wouldn't scan. She scanned it herself and BAM it worked just fine. So weird. But whatever, it was worth $2 to walk a few feet over there and ask about it. I am starting to become pretty good friends with the customer service people...

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